Augmented Reality

  • Augmented Reality brings educational content to life, allowing students to view and interact with exciting 3D models, providing greater engagement, understanding and ultimately knowledge retention. The DigitaClassVR headsets include a front-facing camera and our proprietary ARC (Augmented Reality Classroom) app, so students can get up close and personal with content, such as a beating heart, simply by looking at one of the worksheets.
  • ARC is built into the DigitaClassVR headset interface. Once running, students can see their normal surroundings, but when they look at the ARC trigger images on worksheets or posters, the content comes to life, delivering interactive 3D models, such as machines, historical artefacts, planets, blood cells and many other exciting educational resources.
  • Mixed Reality brings a new dimension to students - physical interaction. Blending virtual objects with real world views, our Mixed Reality content allows students to physically interact with a huge range of exciting 3D models. Hold a human heart in your hands, get up close and personal with a black widow spider, or step inside a medieval house.
  • 3D models can be viewed directly in the DigitaClassVR headset and launched easily from the teacher’s portal. Move your head to see the model from all angles. To really bring the model to life, use our innovative ARCube; bring it into view and the 3D model will attach to the cube, allowing you to manipulate and view the model exactly as if you were holding it!