Digitacampus reaps two learning management system awards from FinancesOnline

We’ve been ranked and recognized by no less than one of the premiere online software directory sites today. We’re happy to share with everyone that Digitacampus recently underwent a round of review from trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline.com and came out with a very favorable score of 8.0 out of 10 and a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100. Reviewers took note how our campus management platform drives efficiency and productivity of all departments through process automation using current leading technologies. Digitacampus harnesses Microsoft Cloud capability to enable institutions to operate on a global infrastructure and maintain AAA compliance which means it is available anytime, anywhere on any device.

Our platform links from end to end every functional IT component of an educational institution that results in an integrated process-driven system. This allows Digitacampus to accelerate and automate numerous areas of school management such as student admissions, class management, learning management, student and teacher management, community management, school or college administration, information provisioning, operations, audits, support functions and many others. The software can fit right into existing workflows and processes and is built to work with various academic establishments including their learning policies, syllabus, grading system, information management system, and more. Reviewers gave the thumbs up to these features and capabilities, and granted Digitacampus the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award of FinancesOnline for best learning management system. These marks of merit are awarded to select products that have earned solid customer following due to robust features and total usability. They were also the reason why we were recommended as one of the top LMS software alternatives on their platform.

We are honored these recognitions that, to our surprise, came with another distinction. Apparently as a result of the awards and positive review, our software went on an upward trajectory to occupy the levels in the directory’s software rankings. We’re so honored to announce that Digitacampus is now included on the list of learning management systems of FinancesOnline, joining the elite group of top LMS players in the market. All of these achievements would not have been possible without our customers that consist of large universities, community colleges, and middle and primary schools who have found in Digitacampus a reliable, flexible and easy to use platform for their requirements. We are proud to serve them with our well-regarded, multi-awarded, and highly-ranked software.