• NextGen ERP for Schools & Colleges

    Administration | Operations | Academics | Communication | Learning | Content | Support Functions)

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

    Global infrastructure, Idendity and Access Control, Storage and DR, DPA Compliance & AAA (Any device, Any time, Any where)

  • Virtul Reality (VR)

    VR and AR system for the classroom. It provides an engaging, immersive experience for students of all ages, and allows them to view and understand subjects and topics through personal experience. The immersion and engagement students gain from VR dramatically increases their ability to understand and retain information

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

    Augmented Reality brings educational content to life, allowing students to view and interact with exciting 3D models, providing greater engagement, understanding and ultimately knowledge retention

  • Facial Recognition | Deep Learning

    Detect/identify faces in an image (using a face detection model) — use images with one face/person in it, not more/less

  • Online Payment

    Digitacampus 'Online Payment' gateway enables Students and Parents to pay the School or College Bills online using NEFT, Credit Card, Debit Card and e-wallets

  • Short Message Service (SMS)

    SMS Platform enables Pro-active messaging and Reactive messaging to the targetted user groups

  • Easy user experience

    User experience is an unique selling point of Digitacampus. Digitacampus screens are easy, simple and professional to use