Facial Recognition

The facial recognition solution provides Students, parents and staff faster campus and building access, freeing up staff so they can devote more time to student needs.

Smart Campus Security

Smart Campus Security is highly accurate facial recognition software powered by artificial intelligence. It understands and analyses match faces in real-time. Schools can stay focused and better analyze potential threats such as expelled students, black listed people, Criminals and those who pose a threat from within and outside the school.

Virtual Reality

The DigitaClassVR portal is packed full of engaging, immersive content and provides an easy way to find great, curriculum aligned educational Virtual Reality resources. Search by subject, topic or even a keyword, and find ready made collections, or individual resources to build your own lesson.

Augmented and Mixed Reality

DigitaClassVR also offers a unique Augmented Reality experience through ARC (Augmented Reality Classroom) software. The software uses the high-resolution front-facing camera to bring printed materials to life and show an animated 3D visual based on the content on the printed page.

GPS tracking

Track current position of school | college buses on Google map (real-time)

Smart Devices

Digitacampus is any device friendly and does not require Apps to install. Provides user experience according to the device screen size


Digitacampus barcode system for Library | Laboratory | Restaurants | Stationary store | Fee Payments | Attendance

Online Pay

Online Payment Gateway | Debit Card | Credit Card | NEFT | e-Wallets

Smart Card

Digitacampus is smart card ready. Plug ins are available for 3rd party devices


Plug in attendance data to Digitacampus from any Biometric device


Send periodic Standardized alerts. On demand custom Alerts. ADHOC messaging to selected group of recipient(s)


Every user is provided with Digitamail account on a safe and secured communication platform